Using Augmented Reality to Elevate the Concert Experience

Even though streaming music on demand is more affordable than ever, music lovers will pay more to experience it live. The combination of music, performance, pyrotechnics, and entertainment make festivals and concerts worth going to. With rising demand for one-of-a-kind experiences, entertainment companies are starting to explore new avenues. That includes augmented reality.

So, how exactly can AR add value to live performances?

How Augmented Reality Is Changing Concerts and Music Festivals

Augmented reality arms entertainment companies with endless opportunities to enhance live experiences. Irish rock band U2, for example, used AR to heighten their performance at the Experience + Innocence Tour. Concertgoers saw a massive iceberg projected on an 80-foot screen. But those who held up their smartphones to the screen saw a gigantic projection of Bono, towering over the audience.

The technology enables performers to break the fourth wall and boost audience engagement. Furthermore, it helps them build emotional connections with the crowd. Read more……

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