How eCommerce is transforming the entertainment industry?

eCommerce is changing the Entertainment industry and the way we get entertained.

Let me take you towards an era where first our grandparents experienced radio and then television (TV), which was the newest and craziest medium for entertainment among our parents. The television was a black and white one where only limited shows were aired. 

Viewers used to wait for the time when the shows would start and no wonder, everyone loved all of them. Not because they all were entertaining, but because those were something they never saw or experienced.

Then came a shift in the entertainment industry-

  • Theatres showed newly released movies
  • Television became colorful
  • Radios were modernized and added in the mobile phones
  • SD cards were added in the phones where people can store songs and get entertained whenever and wherever they want
  • YouTube was launched in 2005 from where video entertainment took a hockey-stick growth
  • And then came the digital entertainment era


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